A Tibetan living overseas sharing thoughts and observations

Friday, May 29, 2009

May 21th,09 Maya's Speech and From Gujarat,India concert. LA electric 8 and Cari Ann's concert.

In the morning I practised Javanese music with my group. Some studants didn't learn music before. But today they played very well. I was surprised. After class I asked some studants."Did you study music before?" most students started to learn music in middle school.
At 12:00 I listened to Maya's speech with C.B. also there was some food. We ate lunch there. Maya's speech was about Buddhism and she is from Germany but she researches Korean Buddhism. some people and professors asked Maya questions. I asked Cedar Bough " Do you have some question for Maya" she said "No" I thought she was. Because she also research Korean Buddhism ten years ago. In the afternoon there was a concert at the Fowler Museum. LA Electric 8 play music and everyone watched some video of Cari Ann's. There was some food and drink. But people can't take photos or make video recordings. After the concert. We went to another concert in the music building. SidiGoma is from Gujara, India. Their performenc was very good. When I watched their performence. I think traditional things are the bast. When we went in to the room people respected their culture by taking off their shoos. Rebecca doesn't go inside she stood near the door. Because she thought that room is very dirty. I thought that was very interesting, wow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 17th, 2009 Went to three concerts and special place.

In the morning at 7:30 Jelani came to uor parking lot get us we went to a special place. A lot of people came to listen to the speech. They talked about world religion and listened and chanted with music. Some times Tibetan monks go to there to chant. A bout 15.000 people go there a week they talk to people. How to be a good person and do good things. But they spoke very fast. So I understood only 50 percent at 11:30 we came back home and ate lunch. Then I went to a little music festival. There were not a lot of people. But there was very good music and a lot of groups. Played different countries

music and instruments. Most people study ethnomusicology. At 3:30 I went to mrs Adams home and worked for two hours. At 7:00 I went to a concert with African American music and the Afro - cuban first was a big chorus. It was really nice.

May 16th, 2009 The Spring Festival of World Music and Jazz

In the afternoon I took a bus and went to a concert. At UCLA. in schoenberg hall. First was the music of India ensemble directed by Shujaat Husin Khan. It was very good music and they played for 45 minutes. After the brake was music of " Gamelan" music from bali, directed by I nyoman Wenten. Their performance was wonderful. The dances and music were all good.
After the concert their had for Indonesian
food dinner. But I didn't go because I have
to go get a bus. At night there are not a lot
of buses that go near my house.

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 14th, 2009 First class Javanese music.

In the morning I went to my new music class. This class is tradicional javanese music some students didn't come to the class. There are two teachers. Sunardi and semedi. They taught us very well. We played well but a little slowly. I really like how they write music. It is different. when they taught us we didn't understand a lot. Because their English is not good. But they smile a lot so we all like them. Professor Judy didn't come to see us. Cedar Bough came and she took photos of us. I ate lunch outside on the grass. The weather was very good many poeple ate lunch there. Then I went to the library to find some Indonesian music books.

May 12th, 2009. C.B. and I gave a speech Tibetan environment.

In the morning Cedar Bough had a speech a bout the Tibetan environment at UCLA. There were many students and some professors. So C.B. used her computer and showed her photos and she spoke a bout the environment in Tibet. I sang two songs about the environment and also I introduced some photos and spoke to them about when I was young and my life and education. The students had a lot of questions for us. They really want to understand the Tibetan culture and environment. So I thought C.Bs. speech went viry well. Then in the Department of world Art and cultures there was a speech. A bout the Philippines by Lorenzo. I listened of that speech. He spoke a bout dance in the prison. A lot of prisoners danced Michael Jackson's dance. Because the prison boss thought that was exercise and they needed discipline.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday, may 10th, 2009- Santa monica beach.

On sunday the weather was very good. After lunch C.B. and I went to santa monica beach. it was

beautiful and many people were swimmins there. Suddenly I had a good feeling. I didn't take off my clothes. But I went into the water. C.B. took photos of me and she said"Karjam you are funny"Then she made Tai Chi poses for the camera. It gets cold at night in L.A. She brought her pants. I took off my pants and put on her pants so I am a little warm. Then we walked to santa monica promenade and looked for some job for me and we wrote a job application paper. At night there are a lot of musicians and a lot of interesting performences C.B. wanted to drink coffee. But we didn't find the kind of coffee she likes. Also she doesn't like to go to places a lot with of people. We took the bus home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 07th, 09- indonesia dance class. Tai chi and Ba gua zhang.

In the morning I went to UCLA for my indonesian dance class. Today was the last class and we made three groups of four people and performed. So we were all very nervous. After the class the teacher said, next week we will start Javanese traditional music class. After lunch I went to a performance professor Cheng-chieh Yu performed Ba Gua Zhang and Sifu Jason Tsou
performed Tai Chi Quan. They are real professional and really good. Then we talked a little about arts. Also I met other people and we talked little bit.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, April 26th, 2009 --- Bailey

In the morning C.B. found a job for me on the internet. in the afternoon I went with C.B. to Mrs. Adams' home and we met Mrs Adams and her dog Bailey. Mrs Adams' body is not good, she is in a wheel chair.

But she is very smart and very kind. I like her. Her husband died one year ago. Also she said Bailey is ten years old and is from the pound when he was five years old. Now Bailey walks very slowly. We talked and walked around a little. Then came back also I watered her bushes. That is my first job taking care of a dog.

Friday, May 1, 2009

April 25th, 2009 -- Los Angeles Festival of Books

My wife has a lot of work at home. I went to the Festival of Books at UCLA. there were a lot of books and a lot of people. I bought four books, they were very cheap. But in some places the books were very expensive, I really wanted to buy a book. That book has pictures and good poems about Tibetan culture. But it was very expensive, $65.
The wind blew some scaffolding over. Three people went to the hospital. That scaffolding had a big plastic sign, with words on it. Then the police very quickly took the ads from all the scaffolding everywhere in the festival. The wind was strong.
A woman wrote a book about her grandfather. Her grandfather lived a long time in Lanzhou, China. We spoke Chinese and she went to Lanzhou many times to research her book.
A woman lost her older daughter. Then she called her daughter's name four or six times, very loud and she worried a lot. But three minutes later, she found her daughter. I thought that mother was very angry and she will strike her daughter. If she was Tibetan, she would hit her daughter. But they very lovely and hug together and daughter said "I am sorry mother, next time I won't do that."

April 23rd. 2009- Indonesian Dance, Bulgarian Concert

In the morning I started learning Indonesia dance with UCLA undergraduate students. We have fiftteen students and two teachers. I am not a UCLA student but Professor Judy and TA CedarBough they gave me this chance. Teachers for Indonesia, their English is not good, but their have good experience. I studied Chinese contemporary dance and Tibetan dance before but this is really different. I liked their music very much because I studied their music.

In the afternoon there was a concert. The concert was Bulgarian folk music. and they have thirteen people in their group. They played music and have good voices. I talked to Tazvetanka Varimezova about Bulgarian folk music. She and her two daughter's have beautiful voices. I really want to buy their CD but they didn't bring it. So she said next Monday you can buy our CD.