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Monday, June 15, 2009

June 7th, 2009 Professor Judys Party.

After at 5:00 we went to Professor Judy’s home for a party for the Indonesian teachers. A lot of people came to the party. But I know most of them. I talked to some friends and took a lot of photos and recorded video. There was a lot of food and different drinks and desserts because Judy invited two cooks. First Judy spoke about this program being successful she said “Thank you for the Indonesian teachers” then some teachers spoke about this class and all the teachers cried. But Sunardi didn’t cry and he still recorded video. Judy invited some professional dancers and drummers. After dinner some people played instruments and other people danced together. Philip played guitar and the teachers sang Indonesian songs. Judy had all the Indonesian instruments, a room full. Then Judy gave the teachers her presents and teachers gave Judy and her assistants presents. Also everyone brought a present for the Indonesian teachers. So they opened the presents and said “who gave this?” somebody said “That was what I gave” then they hugged and kissed on their face. It looked like Christmas presents, very funny

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 5th,2009 Professor Helen Rees and Musician Eunjung Cho.

In the afternoon professor Helen Rees gave a speech in the UCLA music building, I was a little late. There were some professors and some Ph.D. students there. I didn’t understand her speech very well. But I looked at her book and listened to the CD before. I heared many students wanted to listen to her speech. After her speech I talked with her about some of my ideas and how to save to traditional music and instruments. She told me some her ideas and she showed me a book. She said “ you need to buy this book” C.B. said “we already have that book.” Kate checked my blog she was surprised and she said “ Karjam you are doing really good and I like it” At 6:30 C.B. and I got the bus and went to a school and met Eunjung Cho and her two boys. She taught gayageum. Then we went to a good Korean restaurant. After we ate there was still a lot of meat. Eunjung said “Karjam that meat is all for you” But I really can’t eat more, I am full. Eunjung drove us home.

May 26th,2009 Familly visit us.

In the afternoon Irene and Juniper came to LA to visit us. They are from Lopez Island and they are our family. Also Irene's brother Frank and his two daughters Gracie and Gabriella. They wanted to visit us. Frank said "Gabriella wanted to visit Karjam" Riella likes me and she thinks I'm special. At 2:30 we met at UCLA and C.B. showed them her building and we watched some students dancing. Also we went to the music building and C.B. showed the instruments to the
girls. I met professor Helen Rees and her friend. We talked for five minutes and professor said " she is my good friend's daughter and also he is my teacher in China" Then we went to a good restaurant and ate lunch. After we went to the beach and Juniper gave me her art and Gabriella showed me her homework books she really wanted play with me and she think I’m interesting. Sometimes she looks like a boy when she does some things. Anyway that was just talk. I really wanted to walk to the beach with familly. But I had to go to UCLA for my class.

Friday, June 5, 2009

June 2nd, 2009 Finished all the Performances and last class party.

The Spring Festival of world Music and Jazz. May 16- June 2, 2009 today was the last performances in the festival. Wow.That was really good. There was many different kind of music and instruments from many contries. I watched fifteen different performances. I made a lot of videos and took photos of this festival of world music. I liked some traditional music and instruments .Because when I listen to their music I really want to lean some more and I want to buy some instruments. I think that was very sbecial. Now I need to buy one instruments every three years. Always after performances I talked with some musicions and some professors and singers. My group is the music of Bali Ensemble. I studied Indonesian Balinese music for three months. I really like professor Wenten, also he dances very well. Today was the last class of the
muisc of Bali Ensemble. So people brought some food and drink. We had a party in the muisc buiding. Some studen'ts asked professor Wenten " How did you and your wife meet for the first
time" professor told their his story and I sang two songs and danced one short dance.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

May 24th, 2009 Old Topangga Canyon.

In the morning Karen came to our parking lot. She got us. We went to professor Buswell's house. One hour away. It was very beautifull and looks like an actor lives there. That house was on the mountain. We can see all the houses and some village below us. Some studants and professors brought a lot of food. Professor Buswell cooked meat. On that very beautiful land we ate lunch
very slowly. People talked so much. Also I talked to some professors we used Chinese, they teach Buddhism at UCLA. The weather was very good. After lunch everyone went hiking and professor Buswell's wife Christina lent us seven hats. She said "if you want use please get" then I got one hat, Christina said "that hat we bought in Tibet in 2005." Wow, I was surprised. When we were hiking Christina talked to me about her trip to Tibet. She really liked Tibet. She wants to travel to Tibet again. We took photos all together and then we came back. Buswell brought two big watermelons. That were very cold so everyone was happy to eat them. At 4:00 pm. We came back to the city.

May 23rd, 2009 Buddhism Event offers ceremony.

Cedar Bough wanted do some thing at home. I went to a buddhism ceremony at UCLA in Kerckhoff Grand salon. A lot of people came there and some monks talked a little about Buddhism. Because today is Buddha's birth day. We washed the Buddha's face and made three Groups and talked with each other. Monks from Sri Lanka and China and Korea. They had a little food for lunch. No meat. After lunch there were some performances also Tibetan dance. That dance is not good and the dancers were just Chinese students. But I'm very happy they are dancing. I met the famous photagrapher Don Farber and his Tibetan wife Yeshi. We talked alittle bit. Don Farber had a lot of photography books and people bought some of his books. When I went to UCLA I met a woman. Her name is Radka and I think she understands me. She helped me show some things
and we talked very slowly. I falt that was very different Buddhist ceremony.