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Friday, July 10, 2009

June19th, 2009 First day in Solstice.

I woke up at 8:00, today is Friday and I won’t work. Because community people wanted go to an Island and pray during solstice. I thought we will leave at 11:30 but Gregg called us he said “we have to go, are you ready " then I ate breakfast very quickly and I brought a cup tea and drank in the truck. But I had no time to bring lunch. I went with gregg to the beach and put some stuff in Gregg’s boat. Paul Lewis said “Karjam we can go together in my boat” his boat is made of wood and very nice, Ellen and Marta went with Gregg. Other people used teacher Greg’s boat. That boat is big and very nice. Three boats went to a small Island together. We used a walkie-talkie and I took photos and recorded video. When we went to the small Island Gregg’s boat stopped and can’t start. Then we used teacher Greg’s boat to go to the small Island very slowly. But we still were first and nobody came there. People found good places near the ocean. I remember C.B. told me “Karjam you are first there so you choose a place near the ocean for our tent.” But I chose a bad place. After three hours some boats came. But C.B. didn’t come yet. I was very hungry. Gregg said before “Karjam here have some food if you want to eat” But I still chose to wait for our food and my wife. At 5:40 C.B. came in the last boat and she said “Honey are you hungry” yes I waited for you all day. Then we brought our stuffs went to our place she was not happy we weren’t near the ocean. After we ate some food we made our tent. At night we made a fire and talked to together. But the wind was very strong and many people went to bed, we went to bed, too. Near the ocean tents were unhappy because the wind was still very strong also our neighbors. My wife said “Honey I understand why you chose this place” there was not a lot of wind. And she talked about her parent’s story. I really liked to listen and I said “then and then” and she slept.

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