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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

June 16th, 2009 My Early Birthday Party and Motorcycle.

Today was June 16th, 2009, Tuesday and I had my birthday party. My real birthday is June 23rd, but Cedar Bough (my wife) she will go back to LA on June 23rd, so family we thought June 16th is a good time everyone. Not too busy. Yesterday C.B. asked me “honey who is your best friend” I said “you are my best friend” she said “no not me I mean or other people on Lopez” I know why she asked me that. I really want someone to come to my birthday party. But I know Tuesday everyone was very busy. So I said I don’t have any friends on Lopez. Irene V called me she asked “Karjam what do you like for your birthday dessert I will make it for you. I said “I know all the desserts you make are good so I can’t choose.” Tuesday morning at 7:30 I went to work thirty minutes way. When I went to work my motorcycle stopped and it wouldn’t start. I am very angry because I paid $600.00 to the mechanic Alwen. I didn’t ride yet for five days and my motorcycle has the same problem as before. I finished work at 4:50 and then I came home. C.B. said “Nigel and Juniper and their father came to your birthday party. I am happy she invited my younger friend Nigel. Afternoon the party started at Zack & Irene’s home. Also Zack made a fire outside. C.B. and her family made good food. Then the family came and they gave me different presents and gave me hugs and say happy birthday and the kids also too, they were very lovely. After we ate food Juniper brought a big dessert on the top there were a lot of candles and the family sang the birthday song for me and C.B. kissed me she said “honey I bought two clothes for you and love you so much” then we ate and talked and the kids played with the dogs but I worried about my motorcycle maybe tomorrow I can’t go to work on my motorcycle. I still thought about the mechanic Alwen. What he would do to fix my motorcycle. This is my second birthday party in the U.S.A. I never had a birthday party in Tibet.

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