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Thursday, July 16, 2009

June 20th, 2009 Second day of Solstice.

Today was the second day of solstice, June 20th. When was eating breakfast Jeremiah and some people arrived on our Island. I practiced drumming for three hours because I didn’t practice drum before. I worried about when we play drums at night and I was worried I would make a mistake. C.B. made two Sandwiches for us. After lunch I continued to practice drumming and I saw a lot of seals. The weather was very good. In the afternoon we worked a little for solstice to pick up fire wood and made the teepee and put the solstice flag in the tree and we made a big circle and new people who came introduced themselves. Then we ate all the food together and there were a lot and so many different foods. Because all the people arrived here today, the young girls hot-tubbed on the big boat and sometimes they swam. Tonight at 10:45 the moon change and we went to good place near the ocean and Shantparv brought some quartz and cedar to put on a little fire, then people were seated and faceed east for thirty minutes meditation and prayer for the moon. I don’t know what the people were thinking when we prayed to the moon. But I asked for blessing to Buddha and Dharma and Sangha prayer to moon, also I chanted some important Buddhist prayer to the moon and all the world tonight. At 11:20 pm we started to play drums and I didn’t make mistakes too much when I played with the drummers. I know I need more practice drumming. Women danced around the fire also sometimes they sang a lot of songs. People brought many instruments. We played really good music. I record their some songs. Not too late. People were tired and they mostly went to bed. C.B. went to bed, too. I still played with some drummers. But the sound was not to good. When I went to bed someone slept like a stone near our tent. He snored very loudly.

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